Who is Todd?

Todd was the best cat EVER (of course, we are biased). He came into our lives as a near-death, 5 week old kitten found on a construction site. We gave him some warmth, food, and a chance. Todd grew to be a "Handsome Boy" who loved life. He got to play outside with chickens. He got to go camping. He had a vibrant young human boy for a playmate who loved him and entertained him--they entertained eachother. He was a teddy bear at bedtime and loved to be held. Todd was so special and unique that he even won over the hearts of others who would say that they are not even fond of cats. With extreme misfortune, Todd's life ended early at only a year due to a rare and incurable sickness but that year was so full of love and energy. We know he is in Heaven chasing the bugs and the birds, but we also want him to live on through this rescue to help the many other animals that need loving homes.

Friends of Todd Mission

Our mission is to decrease the number of unwanted and stray animals that will never get to experience a loving home by promoting spay and neuter and adoption. We provide TNR (Trap-neuter-return) services to communities with populations of feral kitties- taking in those tame adults who have been abandoned or those kittens that haven't yet lived a life in fear of humans and finding forever homes for these kitties. We also accept cats from individuals and other rescue organizations and help place them into homes. All cats and kittens that are adopted from our rescue are spayed and neutered, and we also assist with people that are unable to afford the spay or neuter procedure. We only euthanize those animals that are experiencing incurable suffering and focus on treating and loving every individual animal that comes into our care.